Oregano Oil – What you should know!

Oregano Oil – What you should know!

What if I told you there was a powerful, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-parasitical, all natural substance that is so effective it has been proven to kill antibiotic resistant infections like MRSA….?

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Pretty amazing, huh?  Oregano Oil has carvacrol and this nifty little ingredient was proven more effective than  18 of the pharmaceutical drugs it was compared against.  All of a sudden the MRSA super bug doesn’t seem quite as frightening.

One farmer is using oregano and cinnamon in chicken feed instead of antibiotics!

In fact, Oregano Oil can sterilize septic water, kill giardia,  and treats fungal infections like candida.  Oregano oil vapor will kill bacteria, and that’s where I had an idea!

The Annual Cold

Each year I get a cold that seems to drag on for weeks.  It starts with a cold then turns into a sinus infection and I feel crappy, then better, only to feel crappy again and this goes on and on.  This is maddening.  Just when I feel better and get excited that I’m finally over it… the next day I’m feeling droopy again.  GRRRR.  Well, I was thinking about oregano oil, thinking about the vapor killing bacteria and realized that my sinus infections are always considered a bacterial infection… and well you know where I’m going with this.  I did a little research and sure enough people were inhaling oil of oregano vapor.  You just boil some filtered water, turn the burner off and add a few drops of Oregano Oil.  Close your eyes and breath deeply.  This stuff has got a kick, so watch it.

<<Now before we go any further, usual disclaimer coming up…. I am not a doctor, and I am not advising you to use this method.  What I am doing is simply sharing my experience.  Do your own research and make your own judgement call – and if you need to see a doctor… for goodness sake go!>>

My Secret Weapon

Well, I closed my eyes and took a breath… and boy did it take my breath away.  Yikes! A bit like the reaction you have when you eat strong horseradish.  It got a little easier and this will sound too good to be true but 30 minutes later my sinus headache was gone and what’s this… I felt pretty good again.  I had found my secret weapon!  No more dragging that cold around for weeks, it was gone.  Needless to say, any time our family feels like they may be coming down with something we break out the oregano oil.  It seems that when everyone else is getting sick, we may not feel 100% but it’s pretty mild compared to those around us, and the best news is that it no longer turns into a sinus infection.

I will warn you – Oregano Oil is VERY strong.  It can and will burn your skin, and then it will laugh in your face.  This is one bold herb!  I’ve read a lot about people brushing their teeth with it and I have tried this, and I’ve also burned/blistered my tongue with it, yea, Ouch.  You can cut the oil, but you must cut it with another oil – you cannot dilute it with water very well.  You risk getting the neat oil on your skin or gums directly and you too may end up with a blister.  Some also suggest putting a few drops in a capsule to take it internally.  Although I have not tried this, I would.  I would also gargle with it, diluted of course, if I felt a sore throat coming on.

If you see an oregano plant – take a couple of leaves and chew it up – you’ll find out pretty quickly that this is a potent little herb.  Oregano Oil is sold in many formulations, some are the straight oil, some are already diluted, make sure you check the label.  If it is already diluted you probably can use it directly on the skin, but check a small area to make sure of your reaction.

I’m going to wrap this up, but there is so much more I can say about Oregano Oil… like it is a natural bug repellant and apparently it will heal canker sores quickly too… You do the research from here!

Here’s to our good health!

Blessings –





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