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It becomes a very conscious choice, I either work on my fear/anxiety or I don’t.   But the conscious choice comes in to play when you truly understand that these stress responses are inhibiting your immune system, at a time when you absolutely need it the most.


peachlatte1.jpgDiagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, I am no stranger to the challenges facing those of us that have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness. A cancer diagnosis changes life, changes it seems everything about life… Adding insult to injury, it feels like we are further robbed as although it is more important for us to savor every moment, and enjoy life and be in the present… it is difficult to conjure up the desire when you feel your life is on the line due to a cancer diagnosis, or any other life threatening disease.  Life becomes very serious, very stressful and well that pretty much sucks. coping with cancer Marika HamiltonAnd just to kick you when you are down… those constant companions, anxiety and fear… they compromise your immune system when you need it the most. I followed my gut and elected NOT to have chemo, radiation or hormone therapy, and although we may be on different paths to healing, there is so much we share in common. I have developed a step by step process to help deal with the trauma of diagnosis, treatment, surgery and the day to day realities of having cancer that has helped me restore my health, empowered me and most importantly reclaim my future.

My passion is to share these techniques through providing one on one coaching, group coaching, speaking engagements and through my book Tit and a Half, my journey back to health.

It is my calling to share these tools with you to level the playing field and “may the odds be ever in your favor”. Please check out the website and be sure to sign up for my newsletter. Here’s to our good health! Marika

There comes a point of time for everyone dealing with a life threatening illness when the anger and frustration surfaces.  This is healthy, and is the start of regaining your power and your health, if you can move through it in a healthy way.


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I realized that if I didn’t get a hold of the fear and stress that I was experiencing… healing would be next to impossible