Something Stinks – Breast Cancer and Body Odor

Something does stink, unfortunately it’s me.  I know embarassing, right. You might be wondering why I might be discussing some like body odor, I know it’s a sensitive topic, you certainly don’t have to remind me of that…

Who smells like onions?

Well  this is the thing, I had a lumpectomy and also had 14 lymph nodes removed.  A few weeks afterwards… I and everyone that was around me was noticing a strange aroma, an embarrassing odor.  I literally stunk like onions.  I would shower and nothing changed, still emminenting onions. Strangely, the body odor was only one my right side and I had surgery on my left… what’s going on? I didn’t put two and two together – and because this is such a personal issue and because I really didn’t think it was related to my surgery I never thought to ask my doctor. Recently, I decided to google “lymph node removal and body odor”… and I was floored.  I wasn’t the only one having this issue.  On support group site, after site, women shared their frustration, and embarrassment.  Woman after woman also said that they had mentioned this to their oncologist and the response always seemed the same.  They were told that they had never heard of this complaint. I’m confused.  How can I do one simple google search and find all these women, who have reported this to their doctors… but all the doctors seem completely ignorant of the problem?  How?

It stinks, to stink…marika pu body odor

I don’t want to get on a doctor rant, but this makes me angry.  For women, like me that are afflicted with this, this is a big deal.  It’s a blow to my self confidence, it’s a blow to my femininity, it’s a blow in general about how I feel about myself.  I’m not suggesting that if I knew this was a side effect of the surgery that all these problems would disappear, but it would have been one less blow to how I felt about me and what I was going through. After discussing this with a friend, she said that maybe right side, the side that still had all my lovely lymph nodes maybe be extra stinky because it is doing the job of both the left and the right now.  I have no idea how the lymph system works exactly, but this made sense.  I had the lymph nodes removed on the left and then stink like onions on just the right side.

Enter Calcium Bentonite Clay

So since I am not one to hesitate experimenting on myself, I got to thinking.  If my right arm pit had more than it’s fair share to unload, what could I do to help it?  Well, I came up with calcium bentonite clay, it has a uniquely strong pulling power, and therefore is the best clay for detoxing and internal cleansing, as well as for external uses such as facials and body wraps. So I decided to put on a thick layer of clay wrap myself up in plastic wrap and go to bed. Guess what – the next day – NO BODY ODOR! This probably sounds strange I know – but if you understand the drawing power of clay and all the medicinal uses it starts to make a little more sense. I have decided that since I had 6 shots of radioactive material into my left breast that it could probably use a little help detoxing too.  So I am going to do the same thing to both my breasts, once a week, get wrapped up in some plastic wrap and hit the sack. It is important that the clay does not dry out for maximum effectiveness and comfort.  Simply take the wrap off in the morning scrape as much clay off with the plastic wrap and jump in the shower. Standard disclaimer – I am not a doctor and am not advising you to do this.  I’m just sharing my experience.

Do you want clay?

There are a lot of other wonderful things about clay – but more on that later.  If you are interested in a pure source of pure calcium bentonite that is considered food grade for internal and external use, please send me an email at: and I’ll make sure you get the information you need.  Want more information on clay check out this site: Here’s to our good health!  

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