We have to help this POOR GIRL and her FAMILY
17 Year Old

When do we speak out and take ACTION?

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cassadraThis is hard to imagine.  I have had a cancer diagnosis and know first hand the stress, fear, anxiety and worry.

I can’t imagine being 17 and dealing with such a traumatic life event.

Take that up a notch – what if I was 17 and had strong feelings about what I needed to do to heal myself – and truly believed that Chemo/Radiation were not right for me… and my parents supported me…. BUT SOMEONE ELSE DECIDED THEY KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR ME AND IN DOING SO REMOVES ME FROM MY FAMILY?

17, scared, forced to put a known toxic chemical in her body with horrific side effects and not able to snuggle up with her mom for comfort.  So frightened, after the second treatment she RAN AWAY!

I believe that we all have the right to decide how we live, how we heal and how we die.  Although, I too chose not to have chemo and radiation for probably many of the same reasons that Cassandra and her family did – I believe that everyone has a right to choose their path.

Let’s help get Cassandra back to her family and restore her right to choose.  She may be a minor, but not by much.  She wants to have children and this treatment will very likely cause her to be infertile.

Ultimately, there is no crystal ball – no guarantees – some people do well after chemo and some don’t – some people do well with alternative treatment and some don’t….


The government?  It clearly isn’t in her best interest to remove her from her family, force her to have a treatment she doesn’t believe in, her parents aren’t negligent or ignorant (as is expressed by the obnoxious Dr. in this interview) they are supporting their child’s decision and are pursuing an alternative treatment.

What can you do?

Pick up your cell phone – right now – (January 8th is a big day in deciding what happens with this) and call the Governor of Connecticut’s office and tell them what you think.  I called and in case you are intimidated by the prospect of talking with the Governor – you will just be talking with his staff and a lot of the staff in an office like this – are college interns that pass along your message to the higher powers.

Please – Cassandra’s rights and desires are being tromped on – and we need to step up and stand with her.

Dannel Malloy – Governor of Connecticut


Don’t want to talk?  Go here and you can submit your comments to the Governor (I’d probably recommend this, as I was on the phone a LONG time): Submit your comments to the Governor Dannel Malloy here.

Here’s to our good health!

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