Here’s a question I get a lot;

Well the answer isn’t quite that straight forward. Here’s JUICING expert Maureen Huntley from MO GREEN JUICE to address this question

Juicing Marika Hamilton

To Juice or Not to Juice?

It’s an age old question, should I be juicing or drinking smoothies? Well, it depends upon your goals.

Recovering from a stage 3 cancer diagnosis, I do both. I consider a smoothie a meal replacement, and I consider juicing a vital component above and beyond my regular diet and supplements.

Juicing is Critical

I feel comfortable saying, if you are in a health crisis, it is critical that you consume as much raw, organic juice as humanly possible. Yes, this takes some work and time, and buying organic veggies costs money…. but it is totally worth it!

Juicing makes your body Happy!

I have seen amazing changes and great healing for myself personally, which I know is attributed to raw, organic juice! I have even been told by my hairdresser that my hair grows in super fast, and underneath my hair is a forest of new baby hairs, which according to my hairdresser is not the usual for a middle age woman. Holy crap, did I just refer to myself as a middle age woman? I think it’s time to move on…

Want to learn more about why juicing is so powerful and healing, check out the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!, or you can watch it right here, right now:


What you want when you juice is to get a massive amount of live enzymes into your system – juicing allows your body to very quickly absorb this concentrated nutrition – with hardly any effort at all. Bottom line, you get super nutrition while not using much of your bodies finite resources to digest it, and that means your body can spend more resources on other things… um.. like your immune system.

Smoothies are Awesome!

Smoothies are awesome too – in fact – a smoothie is both my breakfast and lunch everyday. I love my smoothies, but juice on top. Smoothies help me consume maximum amount of raw veggies and fruits, and gives me a handy place to hide some of the more nasty supplements that I take everyday…. Like Flax seed oil… gag me!

So my advice, it might be great to do both, but if I had to choose one… I would have to stick with raw, organic juice to support my body’s health!

Here’s to our good health!

Juicing Marika Hamilton