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Marika Hamilton Fed Up

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Marika Hamiton

with my Guardian Angel – Brian

First things, first.  Getting healthy is not just a physical thing.  Health and well being are to do with many different aspects of of your life.

Getting healthy, requires getting honest.  It can be hard work, it is tempting to just put your head in the sand and deal with a difficulty another time.

Getting honest, being vulnerable is important – being seen for who you are – the inner stuff and still being accepted and loved.

That has taken courage for me.  My fear of you thinking less of me, looking down on me weigh heavy. If my journey with cancer has taught me anything, it has humbled me and shown me that it is alright to be me – with all my imperfections and downfalls, and I hope they are ok with you too!

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