Looking for your next Dynamic Speaker?

Marika Hamilton will not only teach, but inspire your audience to new levels or personal responsibility and self care.

Her no-nonsense approach to health and life, gets right down to the nitty gritty.

Dynamics of Health

Health isn’t just a physical concept.  It involves every aspect your life, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial.  Marika can help your team cut through the crap and really look at the results they are getting by the actions that have taken place thus far.




Marika HamiltonMulti-Million dollar companies to Wellness Pioneer

Leveraging her extensive and successful business career, it was a natural transition for Marika to go from successful entrepreneur to leading wellness authority.  Whether it be television appearances, writing or speaking, Marika can deliver her message on a level attainable by all.

Customized Presentation

Absolutely – that’s what Dynamic means!  Let’s talk!  Please see speaker sheet found on this page.



  • What do Dogs eat?  Our disconnected diet.
  • Do you hear what I hear?  Reconnecting to your intuition.
  • Many path to healing.  Finding your way.
  • Becoming your own Doctor & Patient
  • Take another pill, or Take responsibility
  • Seven Aspects of Health – It’s not just physical

Marika Hamilton Kathleen Gage“With the obvious decline of the health of our society as a whole, there is an urgent need for information to improve our level of vibrancy, health and well being.

The level of knowledge Marika Hamilton has on healthy eating and ways one can improve their health is beyond compare.

I am so impressed with all the knowledge she imparts. She is a walking encyclopedia of how to live in optimum health.”

Kathleen Gage

Best Selling Author, Power Up for Profits

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“Marika is inspiring because of her personal triumph which was accomplished by tons of sweat and tears; she’s passionate about helping others find their way to better health and strength through their own journey; and a source of comfort at the same time.  Taking the time to hear her message is of tremendous value to both those that are ill and those who just want to protect and preserve their present health.”

Alli Berman

Brain Fitness PuzzleArt Expert, Brain Fitness Unlimited

Marika Hamilton


For more information, or to engage Marika for your next speaking event:

Phone:  260-479-0036

Email:  marika@dealingwithhealing.com

What Others Are Saying….


“Marika Hamilton is my hero.  Her resolve to fight Cancer, without accepting mainstream protocol or treatment as Gospel, is an inspiration!

She knows both sides of the system and has courageously said, “No thank you” to the Standard of Care, learning to navigate outside of it.”

Chef Nancy Banner

CEO & Author, The Holistic Kitchen

Maureen Huntley Marika Hamilton“I am so moved and blown away by Marika’s journey back to health.  As she has walked this health challenge two friends of mine chose to walk the conventional path – the outcome was so different.  Marika knows her stuff, she has lived it.  If you want to know about options and how to protect and preserve your health, she’s the real deal!”

Maureen Huntley

CEO & Founder, Mo Green Juice